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SHIELD by NORTHMATE® is a whole new way to protect your dog against the weather elements. The design and features are inspired by the very latest in human rescue equipment– keeping your dog warm, safe and fit for adventure!

Freezing snow, soaking rain and chilly wind have an unfortunate habit of bypassing normal outdoor wear, with their openings and a general lack of precise fitting.

Especially the belly is often left completely exposed – even though this is the single most vulnerable part of the dog and the most important to protect.

Using a new and patented solution, SHIELD protects the belly by adding a flexible cover. This and the system covering the chest and neck are adjustable not only to any breed or size but also to either female or male.

The picture of a woollen sheep could easily be the spontaneous association when talking about “being warm” and “feeling safe” in bad weather. The sheep is so well protected that it can literally sleep in a snowdrift.

At the same time the ram is one of nature’s most protective beings – it’s as self confident as it is fearless and fights off anything that gets near the flock.

SHIELD is both the wool and the ram for your dog. Not only does it protect against all types of weather – it also boosts the dog’s self confidence.

SHIELD can be custom fitted in such a way that the dog doesn’t feel it – just like the wool covering the sheep.

The dog will associate SHIELD with the outdoor walk; the running in the forest and on the beach. And since it never freezes anymore and doesn’t get a wet and cold belly – the concept of “bad weather” doesn’t exist any longer.

SHIELD is made in seven sizes covering all breeds from the small Chihuahua to the Great Dane. The patented belly and chest solution makes each of the seven sizes extremely flexible. By pulling the seven straps around the belly region and the two around the neck you can custom fit SHIELD to any dog.

SHIELD is made in three variants:

Dark green in fleece material for chilly weather. Details in black and orange. Belly and chest in warm grey. Perfect for early spring, autumn or cold summer evenings.

Dark blue for rainy weather with warm grey belly and chest. Material is water and dirt repellent. Details in black and orange. This model is obviously made for rainy weather but is also favourable during winter for dogs with a thick fur.

Black for cold weather with warm grey belly and chest. Material is water and dirt repellent and layered in order to keep the dog warm during winter time. Details in black and orange. Skinny dogs and dogs with thin fur can use this model in springtime and autumn as well.

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The design of SHIELD is brought to life by a simple and unique control center at the neck. From here you mount SHIELD in just a single movement, with the zipper along the spine. Then you fasten the leash directly to the built-in collar and load the two pockets on the back with treats. Your dog is ready for adventure!

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