Northmate is founded with one single objective: to create better lives for pets in general. And we actually think that we have found a way to do this – believe it or not.

A part of our strategy is a systematic “re-discovering” of the naturally instincts and habits of pets and a likewise systematic implementation of this knowledge into new products.

Products which of that exact same reason challenges, stimulates and activates the basic nature of pets – on a daily basis.

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We often tend to put pets in the “oh-so-cute-category” which literally separates pets from its origins in nature. An “oh-so-cute-breed” that refers more to us, humans, than it does to wild life.

But even though our pets are gentle and loving friends living amongst us in our homes we should always keep in mind, that pets are not nearly as separated from nature as we are.

It’s a known fact that bad habits like gulping and barking and bad physical conditions like obesity and bad teeth often develops from a life lacking of stimulation and physical activity.

The daily stimulation and challenge of our pets is an absolutely necessary ingredient if we want them to be happy and healthy members of our families.


In order to find out what kind of products we have to develop in Northmate we created an index scenario covering the life of the average dog. This became the story of “Norton”:

Norton lives in an apartment in the city and has a loving and caring family who takes him for walks twice a day and feed him with good, nutritious food.

Yet, Norton is – on a daily basis – left home alone most of the day and during these many hours he just sleeps, sits near the window or barks whenever he hears footsteps outside the door.

Norton is not an unhappy dog – he doesn’t feel he misses anything because he doesn’t know what possible could be missing.

On the other hand it seems obvious that the capacity of Norton’s nature is not “filled” up on a daily basis. He could definitely have a more exciting life. A life with new and daily adventures: challenges of the mind and physically activities.

Norton is a symbol on the many pets worldwide living most of their lives indoor in “human” environments without being able to explore their true inner nature.


In general basic nature is a compound of four fundamental aspects:

1) Instincts, which are a set of deeply based desires within the pet referring to a wild life of hunting, bonding, protecting and replicating.

2) Senses, which are the necessary tools of the body such as hearing, smelling and seeing.

3) Health, which can be seen as the bodily health of getting proper food and plenty of exercise.

4) Mind, which can be seen as the mental stimulation and activity of instincts and senses on a daily basis.

The key-approach in Northmate is to bring all four aspects together in every product we make in order to help getting the family pet both happy and healthy.



In Northmate we have developed a product platform called “7-MATES” which is designed to ensure that dogs like Norton will in fact become healthy and happy.

7-MATES is a series consisting of seven uniquely designed products each targeting specific issues like gulping, obesity and boredom, and which combined together will be able to completely cover the physical and mental stimulation required for dogs like Norton.

MATE #1 was released worldwide in autumn 2012 and we call it “GREEN”.

GREEN is basically an indoor lawn where you – just like on a real lawn – can scatter your dogs food across.