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In order to find out what kind of products we have to develop in Northmate we created an index scenario covering the life of the average dog. This became the story of “Norton”:

Norton lives in an apartment in the city and has a loving and caring family who takes him for walks twice a day and feed him with good, nutritious food.

Yet, Norton is – on a daily basis – left home alone most of the day and during these many hours he just sleeps, sits near the window or barks whenever he hears footsteps outside the door.

Norton is not an unhappy dog – he doesn’t feel he misses anything because he doesn’t know what possible could be missing.

On the other hand it seems obvious that the capacity of Norton’s nature is not “filled” up on a daily basis. He could definitely have a more exciting life. A life with new and daily adventures: challenges of the mind and physically activities.

Norton is a symbol on the many pets worldwide living most of their lives indoor in “human” environments without being able to explore their true inner nature.