PULSE by NORTHMATE® is a new interactive hunting game for dogs. It stimulates instincts and develops mental and physical health.

PULSE game is basically a feeding chain created by the dog itself. When touching an active unit, food will fall out and within seconds another unit in the chain is activated. And so on.

The units are radio-connected up to a 100 meter distance and can operate through several walls in a normal house.

Each unit can dispense food six times and uses sound, ultrasound and LED-light as signals to the dog.

To start a PULSE game, simply switch 1, 2, 3 or more units “ON” and load these with dry food.

Place the units and press one of the top buttons down for 2 seconds. Now the units are connected and the hunting game can begin. The dog has to follow its instincts and search both indoors and outdoors.

Start by training your dog with a single unit game. Then connect two units and play hide and seek. When your dog is a skilled PULSE player you can add up as many as 10 units in a single game.

Another type of PULSE game allows you to let a single unit dispense food randomly over 1 to 10 hours.

PULSE by NORTHMATE® works with you dog’s basic nature and goes far beyond any other pet game on the market.